Tweetstock 2 in Brantford

twitter-isnt-about-what-you-had-for-lunchI attended the second edition of Brantford’s Tweetstock, a social media targeted event that featured much of Brantford’s social networking community. I was very curious to check out this event as someone who grew up in Paris and spent a large amount of time in Brantford up until 3 years ago when I moved to Cambridge.

I’ve been to tonnes of different social events around KW, Cambridge and Guelph so I wanted to see what Brantford was up to in social media circles. The event was held at Al Dente on King George Road, a place I hadn’t been to in probably 15 years. I was definitely impressed, as it was held on the covered patio outside. Luckily we had a perfect Fall night and didn’t get too cold. The unique location gave the event a vibe all its own.

The event was very well organized, with a slick accompanying website and printed materials. They had multiple sponsors and gave away door and raffle prizes, which I was lucky enough to win one. Kudos to @octopusred, @Trevor_Cherewka and @josefstevens for putting on a heck of a gathering.

Adam King ( @sabbatical ) presenting at Tweetstock 2Speakers for the night included @sabbatical, @kevinamagee, @sydbolton, @davecarrol, @brantfordcomedy and @digitalduckinc. The speakers of the night did presentations talking about topics like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and other social networks. The tone was rather introductory, as Brantford seems to have a rather fledgling community when it comes to social engagement compared to other events I’ve been to. All the speakers put on great presentations and really worked to engage the audience.

I had a great time at the event, meeting a bunch of people I had followed on Twitter previously, along with a lot of new people. I was very pleased to see Brantford mobilizing and engaging their social community. Communities need to be nurtured and it was great to see Brantford planting the seeds to a vibrant online social network.

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