New SlideawayMedia office

Recently if you follow my Twitter feed you might have heard me mention I was painting my office. Well after a week of work I’ve finally got things back in order. Previously the office was painted builder grade white, having never been touched since the house was built. I figured since I spent so much time in here I wanted to liven things up a little at SlideawayMedia HQ.

I shot a video of my office, just to show off the new setup.

  • Dano

    Brown, brown, brown, I love brown. I love brown, oh yes I do, I love brown, yeah, more than you. Brown is a colour that my heart enjoys, brown is liked by girls and boys. Brown won’t tell you to go to hell, brown will only pat you and “you dun well” Ohhhh brown I love you. Broooooown.

  • wedge

    I want my company to become ubiquitous to brown, like UPS:)

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